wissam: an iraqi story | وسام: قصة عراقية


Iraq currently has between 250,000 and one million missing persons, estimated to be the highest number in the world.* 


Wissam  follows the heart wrenching and sometimes absurd stories of the disappeared, families’ search for their loved ones and activists' tireless and often treacherous work for justice and accountability. 

Narrated by Salam, whose son wissam was abducted by US forces in plain sight just 300 metres from his house in Baghdad in 2005, the film uncovers the impenetrable web of government officials, international institutions, global militaries, and paramilitaries that families and activists must navigate in order to find even the smallest traces of the missing. 

Wissam is shot in two locations, Helsinki, Finland, and Baghdad, Iraq, with support from One World Media. 

Coming to film festivals in Spring 2020. 

*source: International Committee of the Red Cross 

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